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                Super Series Internal Protein Skimmer



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Product details / Technical data


RO-PS-1000 INT


RO-PS-2000 INT








General Description  

The Reef Octopus Super Series Internal Protein Skimmers help aquarists remove the dissolved organic compounds (DOC). They remove the organic compounds before they begin to decompose and lightening the load on the biological filter and improving the water's redox potential.

These Skimmers are manufactured from the highest quality 100% cast acrylic, and made totally by hand. They use the world first skimmer use only “Super HY-pumps” as their engines .

The Super HY-pumps use Rare earth pin wheel rotor and superhard zirconia ceramic shaft, which make them have high performance on energy using and extremely silent. The perfect air intake device and high-density pin brush impeller help the pump suck in and mix large quantity air and water, generate lots of fine bubbles. 

In the skimmer chamber, a bubble plate delay the rise of bubble, get a long dwell time so that organic could be removed by the foam as much as possible. 




Oversized collection cup
 Super series Protein Skimmers features a high quality cast Acrylic collection cup. All collection cups are oversized to accommodate a massive amount of waste.



Foam collection ring & Vented Collection Cup lid
Super series Protein Skimmers include an acrylic foam collection ring built into the collection cup lid. This ring has been designed to produce a drier, more concentrated waste by allowing more water to return to the reaction chamber while trapping organic matter in the collection cup.
 High quality Protein Skimmers produce large volumes of air and the S-Series Protein Skimmers use a Vented Collection Cup lid to equalize the air pressure in the reaction chamber.



Beveled edge riser tube

Super series Protein Skimmers use the latest technology features including a fine machined bevel at the top of the riser tube. This feature helps separate organic covered foam from water. This results in better quality, and more concen trated waste.




Plug connection design

Super series skimmer collection cup use  plug design,easy to be removed and installed;big O-ring  make sure no leakage.


Half cone chamber part

The specially engineered half  cone chamber part helps to concentrate, dry and compress the foam before it enters the Riser Tube.


Bubble plate
In the Super series skimmers, a bubble plate help to extend the dwell time of foam, produce the maximum possible removal of organic matter from the aquarium water.

Slant-hole design.  

The inlet pipe is not towards the chamber’s center, but inclined to one side. This design will keep bubble and water stay a longer time in chamber, improve  the skimmers efficiency.


Gate Valve Outlet

 In Super series skimmers, high quality gate valves give much greater flexibility and accuracy of adjustment compared to ball valves and twisting outlet pipes.




Skimmer Pump

Super series skimmers use the word first skimmer use only pump, Rare earth pin wheel rotor, energy saving and extremely silent.


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